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Czechia creates ‘Acceleration Zones’ to stimulate renewables growth

The Czech government has approved a resolution presented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade that will make easier the permitting for the construction of wind farms and solar power plants, including related storage systems. According to the new regulation, specific areas will be created for the proliferation of renewable energy projects.

“In addition to nuclear power, our energy mix will rely on renewable sources in the future,” underlined the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela. “Therefore, it is necessary to focus on their development. […] We have now approved a resolution that will enable the creation of so-called Acceleration Zones, […] where the process of permitting will be easier. These locations will have a high potential to generate electricity with a minimal negative impact on the environment. These include, for example, destroyed areas, industrial zones or former mines.”

The resolution approved by the government sets out the basic definitions which will be followed by an update of the country’s Spatial Development Policy.

“The development of wind energy in the Czech Republic has stagnated so far, so we want to find a way that will enable a reasonable construction of new wind power plants that respect the energy needs of the State and the interests of local residents,” added the Minister of the Environment, Petr Hladík. “It is absolutely essential for me to find a balance between supporting renewable resources and the landscape so that wind farms do not disturb it and do not conflict with environmental protection.”

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