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Czech group ENERGO-PRO enters the Colombian hydropower market

The Prague-based multinational energy group ENERGO-PRO will start the construction of the Chorreritas hydropower plant in Colombia this year. The 20 megawatts (MW) hydropower plant with two Francis turbines is expected to be operational in 2025 and it will become the first hydropower facility to be operated by ENERGO-PRO Group on the American continent.

“Colombia is an attractive market with interesting potential in hydro energy. It has the sixth-largest potential in this field in the world, particularly for high-gradient power plants,” Petr Milev, the CEO of ENERGO-PRO Group, said.

Colombia’s promising hydropower potential is explained by its high rainfall and attractive topography, which makes it possible to build high-gradient power plants.

ENERGO-PRO Group acquired the Chorreritas project from a local developer in autumn 2020 and had the opportunity to optimise it based on its experience. Modifications to the design and overall layout of the project will lead to cost optimisation and faster construction.

“The size of the Chorreritas power plant project is ideal for ENERGO-PRO Group to gain experience with the energy market in Colombia,” Mr Milev added.

For ENERGO-PRO Group, the Colombian market represents an interesting opportunity to diversify its activities.

“The Chorreritas project fits perfectly into our strategy for diversification of our hydropower portfolio in terms of both hydrology and macroeconomic and political risks,” the CEO emphasised.

Currently, Energo-Pro Group owns and operates 38 hydropower plants in four countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

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