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Croatia’s JANAF to diversify its portfolio

Croatian state-owned oil transportation company JANAF adopted its Transition Strategy for the period 2022-2030, with a vision until 2050. 

An analysis of the future development of the energy sector indicates a reduction in the use of oil and petroleum products and increased use of energy from renewable sources. Thus, the adopted Strategy sets JANAF on the road of diversification of its operations with the aim of empowering the company, investing in sustainability and ensuring a long-term leadership position in the transition to a green and sustainable economy. 

“JANAF is a company of strategic importance for the energy independence of Croatia and ensuring the long-term sustainability and stability of JANAF’s operations is a strategic project of this Management Board,” said Chairman of the Board, Stjepan Adanić and Board Member, Vladislav Veselica. “The green transition plays a crucial role in this and we have a difficult task ahead of us, but we are approaching it with great enthusiasm.” 

According to its final National and Climate Plan (NECP), Croatia aims to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the gross final energy consumption to 36.4 per cent by 2030.

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