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Crete could be powered 100% by renewables, says Minister of Environment and Energy

As part of the Prime Minister’s tour to Crete, Greece’s Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas recalled that the government has allocated 8 billion euros to deal with the energy crisis, of which only 30 per cent came from the State budget.

With regards to Crete, Minister Skrekas recognised that the island “is a pioneer in Greek tourism.”

“We must create a sustainable Crete, in a sustainable way, with sustainable infrastructure,” he said. “Crete could use 100 per cent clean energy, thus making a decisive contribution to the national goal we have set of 80 per cent of renewables in the energy mix by 2030.”

To achieve this goal, the Minister announced that an upcoming law will allow the creation of energy communities that can install renewable energy sources, connect them to the grid and couple them with batteries, to lower energy prices even more.

“We are upgrading the electricity networks in Crete,” said Mr Skrekas. “While also implementing the necessary infrastructure in waste and sewage.”

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