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‘Baltic Windustry’ to take place in Gdańsk on 12 September

The conference “Baltic WINDUSTRY 2023: industrial research in offshore wind energy” organised by the Maritime Wind Energy Centre of the Gdańsk University of Technology (Centrum Morskiej Energetyki Wiatrowej Politechniki Gdańskiej) in cooperation with the Polish Wind Energy Association will be held on 12 September at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

This year’s edition aims to present and promote growing trends and new technologies in the offshore industry and strengthen cooperation between the business and scientific communities.

The one-day conference is tailored to investors, scientists and industry representatives conducting activities in the field of engineering and innovation in the offshore wind energy sector.

The conference will see speakers present key information on current issues and upcoming instruments for financing research and industrial areas, economic benefits and opportunities for gaining a competitive advantage after implementing research results in the offshore sector.

“Baltic Windustry 2023 concerns issues related to research and application of new technologies, digitisation, which are part of the Smart Specialiations of Pomerania and the development of Industry 4.0. The conference is divided into three thematic blocks: policy and financing, industry and education, research and digitisation,” said Małgorzata Lipska, Operations Specialist at the Offshore Wind Energy Centre of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The INDUSTRY & EDUCATION session will focus on ways to solve the shortages of qualified workers and adapting educational programmes to the real needs of the industry. The RESEARCH & DIGITALISATION session will show the benefits of using digital technologies at various stages of a wind turbine’s life. Representatives of Polish and foreign producers of turbines and their components, as well as wind farm operators, will share their experiences in this area.

“The aim of the conference is to show that research and development cooperation with representatives of Polish and foreign industry is an added value for both parties and will allow for the creation of innovative solutions dedicated to the acquisition of renewable energy sources,” said Marcin Łuczak, Director of the Offshore Wind Energy Centre of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

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