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Azerbaijan commits to renewables to attract foreign investors

The seven working groups, established at the end of 2019 by the government of Azerbaijan, are continuing to work for implementing pilot projects on the use of renewable energy sources.

Two plot of lands were revised concerning solar and wind projects, while ­the initial schemes for the integration of those projects into the energy system were discussed, paying particular attention to the requirements of the international standards.

A pilot project envisages the installation of a photovoltaic system with a capacity of up to 100 kilowatts on Boyukshor Lake, north of Baku. The plant is planned to be completed by March 2021, together with the development of new business models that might encourage the participation of the private sector in the installation of solar panels.

The working groups also prepared both the ecological and social assessment, while asking to the Ministry of Energy to simplify the approval procedures required by law, taking into account the importance that those pilot projects could have in attracting foreign investors.

Since January, a number of measures were also taken to assess the potential for electricity generation from renewable sources, in order to take the right steps to exploit such potential. Within the framework of the cooperation with Azerbaijan, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has agreed to assist in the installation of wind measuring stations and conducting measurements in one of the areas potentially adapt for renewable energy projects.

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