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Albania to allocate 300 MW in ‘hybrid’ photovoltaic auction

Albania’s Infrastructure Energy Minister Belinda Balluku has announced the launch of a new “hybrid” capacity auction for the country’s photovoltaic farms.

As explained by Minister Balluku, “hybrid auctions” are auctions in which the Albanian state is willing to buy the energy produced from these auctions for a specified period. In this auction, it is a 15-year period, but without committing other assets.

“So in the first auction, that is, in the Karavasta or even the Spitalla auction, we committed other public assets, such as providing land, while in today’s auction, the state buys the energy, and it is the duty of all bidders to take measures for the land, production, the technology that will be used, and everything else,” the minister noted.

The minimum offered capacity in the auction has been set at 10 megawatts (MW) per hour, with 100 MW per hour as the maximum offered capacity, with a total of 300 MW per hour available for purchase by the Albanian state.

As noted by Minister Balluku, these limits give the possibility for at least three entities to participate in the auction. “Of course, it should be noted that participants can also participate through various projects in different locations, as long as the 10-megawatt floor and the 100-megawatt ceiling are respected,” the Minister added. 

The auction’s maximum acceptable price has been set at 9.97 euros per MW/h. “Of course, this is a price that has emerged from all the analyses and expertise we have done based on previous auctions,” the Minister noted.

All bidders have until 17 May to submit their technical and financial bids, with the auction winners set to be announced by 10 July.

This is Albania’s fifth capacity auction for its renewables generation, since the country’s first auction in 2018.

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