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Ukrainian gas operator to receive support for restoration, whilst focus on gas storage continues

On Wednesday (21 June), the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) announced that it will receive equipment for the restoration of damaged and de-occupied facilities from the Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

GTSOU will receive five automatic gas distribution stations (AGDS) with a capacity of 5,000 cubic metres/hour, worth 300 million Ukrainian hryvnias (7.5 million euros), as part of the assistance from the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, established under the Energy Community Secretariat together with Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy, European Union and international donors. 

In June earlier this year, GTSOU signed a contract for the supply, supervision of installation and commissioning of the new equipment with Polish supplier cGAS controls, following an independent procurement procedure under the Fund. AGDSs will help to restore GTS facilities damaged as a result of Russia’s armed aggression (particularly in the east and south), while modern automated equipment from leading European manufacturers will allow the company to operate these facilities “more efficiently and safely,” GTSOU said.

“We are grateful to the Fund for the valuable support in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the gas transportation system in wartime conditions. The new equipment will help us to restore a steady gas supply for the citizens of the territories affected by hostilities,” said Dmytro Lyppa, CEO of GTSOU.  

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund has received contributions from Germany, the UK, European Union, Spain, Iceland, Denmark and private sector contributors.

Separately, on Thursday (22 June), the Energy Community Secretariat’s Director, Artur Lorkowski and Ukraine’s Minister of Energy, German Galushchenko discussed regulatory changes aimed at de-risking the gas storage business in Ukraine. These changes would benefit both the EU and the Energy Community by enabling EU operators to utilise Ukrainian storage capacities, the Secretariat noted.

Both sides highlighted the “significant progress” in procuring specialised energy equipment from the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. They expressed gratitude to the donors who have pledged 220 million euros thus far, emphasising the crucial role of these funds in facilitating rapid recovery. To further enhance the Fund’s operation, Director Lorkowski and Minister Galushchenko agreed to strengthen joint efforts in further improving cooperation with Ukrainian energy companies, processing new support requests by the Ministry and supporting green energy solutions.

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