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Ukraine stored around 1.1 bcm of gas from EU and Moldova in August

In August, 1.096 million cubic metres (mcm) of natural gas was imported to Ukraine, with the majority sent for storage by non-resident traders including Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Moldova.

Slovakia stored 611.8 mcm making up 56 per cent of all the imported volumes last month, while Hungary stored 215.9 mcm (20 per cent), Moldova 166.9 mcm (15 per cent) and Poland 98.4 mcm (9 per cent).

In total, since the beginning of 2023, Ukraine has received more than 1.884 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas from EU countries and Moldova. July and August saw “especially high demand” among foreign traders for seasonal gas storage in Ukraine, the country’s gas transmission operator (GTSOU) said in a press release.

“Current data indicate that this situation will continue at least in September. So far, almost all western entry points to the Ukrainian GTS are operating at full capacity: Polish direction was used in July-August by 81 per cent, Hungarian — by 89 per cent, virtual reverse in Moldova — by 98 per cent, and there is an opportunity to increase volumes from Slovakia,” said GTSOU’s Director General Dmytro Lyppa.

A recent risk analysis conducted by Ukrainian and international stakeholders found that Ukraine’s gas storage and transportation facilities are “highly” reliable and resilient despite the ongoing war.

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