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Ukraine fulfils all the prerequisites to transport gas through the Trans-Balkan corridor

From the beginning of August, the Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU) of Ukraine has started to increase the volume of natural gas measurement at the Grebeniki point (between Ukraine and Moldova) from 3.96 million cubic metres (mcm) per day up to 6.12 mcm per day. In addition, by the end of August, the measurement volumes will be increased to 20 mcm per day. Thus, Ukraine, for its part, fulfilled all the prerequisites for transporting gas through the Trans-Balkan corridor.

As stated by the GTSOU, in its press release, an increase in natural gas measurement volumes in the future opens up more opportunities for both Ukrainian and European traders. EU customers will be able to import gas from LNG terminals in Greece and Turkey via the Trans-Balkan corridor through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Diversification of sources and routes of gas supplies will help strengthen the energy security of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

“We hope that our international partners will also take retaliatory steps to launch the Trans-Balkan direction as soon as possible,” said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of the GTSOU. “It will help speed up the refusal of European countries from Russian gas, which will strengthen the energy situation in the region. During the year, the Gas TSO of Ukraine doubled the opportunities for gas imports to Ukraine from the EU countries – from 27 mcm per day up to 54 mcm per day. We continue to work on diversifying sources and opening new routes.”

Romania and Moldova will also benefit from the increase in capacity by the GTSOU, in particular through access to new markets and large volumes of gas in the system.
It is also extremely important that the Bulgarian and Turkish operators would sign an Interconnection Agreement and Moldova would introduce the possibility of implementing a virtual reverse of natural gas, provided for by European legislation.
Finally, Azerbaijan, which is also interested in expanding exports to the region, can become another potential source of gas supplies through the Trans-Balkan corridor.

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