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Transgaz launches within-day interruptible capacity product

On Thursday (31 August), Romanian gas transmission company Transgaz launched its within-day interruptible capacity product offer via the RBP Platform at Csanádpalota, Ruse-Giurgiu and Negru Voda 1 interconnection points.

The within-day interruptible capacity product represents the capacity that can be requested, in a given volume, by a network user during a certain gas day, from the time when the offer for this product is published until the end of the same gas day.

After the exhaustion of the firm within-day capacity, provided that there is available interruptible capacity, an auction of within-day interruptible capacity is expected to be organised every hour during a gas day using a uniform price auction algorithm, Transgaz said in a press release.

In addition, if the firm capacity offer has been exhausted in the day-ahead auction, then the available interruptible capacity is expected to be initially offered in the day-ahead interruptible capacity auctions. Subsequently, the remaining available interruptible capacity after the close of the daily auctions is expected to be offered hourly in the within-day interruptible capacity auctions for the remaining hours until exhaustion.

The auction announcements on the offered interruptible within-day capacities are
available on Portalul PRRC. After the closing of the last day-ahead auction, if the firm capacity has been exhausted, starting from 7 pm Eastern European Time, i.e. 4 pm Coordinated Universal Time (summer time) and 5 pm Coordinated Universal Time (winter time), or within-day, at the hour immediately following the exhaustion of firm within-day capacity.

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