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Transgaz completes the Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei natural gas transmission pipeline section

Romania’s natural gas transmission system operator Transgaz inaugurated the Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei pipeline section, part of the Frasin-Câmpulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei natural gas transmission pipeline with a total length of 65.57 kilometres that will contribute to the economic growth of the region, addressing a number of social needs.

At the same time, the project has a direct impact on climate change and environmental protection challenges, by significantly reducing timber harvesting in the northern part of the country, which represents more than two-thirds of the national forest.


“The Romanian Government considers as one of its top priorities both energy security and the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens and the creation of the conditions for the local economic development,” said the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca. “[…] This investment, undertaken by Transgaz, allows the supply of natural gas to the area, the population and institutions, as well as the sustainable economic and social development of the zone. The value of the investment is significant, amounting to 3.5 million euros but it is more important what this investment represents.”

Indeed, as he underlined, the completion of the Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei pipeline section creates the basis for the interconnection of the natural gas transmission system in the north-western part of the country with the north-eastern part, thus defining it as a project of national importance.

“This pipeline enables the increase of the quality of life for more than 35,000 Romanians, gathered in eight administrative-territorial units, the development of health, educational and cultural institutions,” the Prime Minister continued.

“The pipeline route was very difficult to construct,” explained the Director General of Transgaz, Ion Sterian. “But Transgaz has always managed to rise to the challenges faced and deliver results beyond expectations. Showing strategic vision and a correct understanding of the gas sector issues, for some time now we have been paying particular attention to the North-East of Romania and the developments of the National Transmission System here. The Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei pipeline section is no exception. It is also proof of Transgaz’s ability to plan and carry out the proposed investments aimed at increasing the living standards of the Romanians, developing the economy and contributing to the increase of the national energy security.”

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