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The phase one of the BRUA pipeline is complete

The phase one of the BRUA pipeline, a natural gas pipeline which is part of the future Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria gas interconnector, has been completed.

The President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis recalled that BRUA is not the only development project completed by Transgaz, the operator of the pipeline, in the course of this year, mentioning the Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, another major investment project, strategic for both Romania and Moldova.

“The development of the National Gas Transmission System along the BRUA corridor is an essential stage in strengthening the energy security of both our country and the European Union, but also the energy security of the Black Sea region,” he said at the inauguration ceremony. “Thus, through the connection of BRUA to the Vertical Corridor, through the materialisation of the Black Sea offshore exploitations, which we hope to start as soon as possible, Romania has real assets to become an important player in the regional gas market. To this effect, I am firmly convinced that the funds invested in the gas transmission infrastructure will generate more for Romania than a competitive positioning on the relevant markets or a reassertion of our country’s trustworthiness as a model partner in increasing energy security throughout the region.”

In particular, the supply of natural gas from new sources will better meet the domestic market demand and will lead to an increased level of predictability and security of supply for the Romanian consumers. Mr Iohannis reminded that although Romania is the second largest producer of natural gas of the European Union, half of the households are still heated by firewood, using outdated, obsolete equipment affecting health and polluting the environment.

“Connecting the Romanian communities to natural gas resources, at an accelerated pace, is an assumed governmental priority, which is materialising day by day,” the President added. “The Romanian people must truly benefit from three the resources that our country has, which must be cleverly, correctly and efficiently exploited. At the same time, in the context of the challenges associated with the Green Deal Initiative, I want to encourage the focus on investments in capacities for the transport of the fuel of the future: hydrogen as well.”

The natural gas will reach Europe from the LNG terminals, by TAP pipeline and will go forward through the Vertical Corridor Greece-Bulgaria-Romania, enabling bidirectional gas capacities of 1.5 billion cubic metres per annum (bcma) to and from Bulgaria and of 1.75 bcma to and from Hungary.

“BRUA pipeline represents a reason for national pride and continuity of the tradition Romania has in the energy sector,” added Ion Sterian, Transgaz’ Director General.

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