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The first European green gas guarantees of origin have been granted in Lithuania

The first 10 megawatt-hours (MWh) of green gas have been imported to Lithuania through the guarantees of origin system and Amber Grid, carrying out the functions of the National Register of Guarantees of Origin of gas produced from renewable energy sources (RES), has granted the respective guarantees of origin (GOs).

The country of origin of this green biomethane gas is Denmark and the gas has been bought by the Lithuanian company SG dujos. The green gas GO certifies that the gas has been produced from RES. 

“The first imported GOs show that even in the absence of local production of biomethane and green hydrogen we already have the demand for green gas in Lithuania,” said Vytautas Ruolia, Director of Commerce of Amber Grid.

According to him, this demand will definitely enhance in 2022 with the requirements for the use of biofuel in the transport sector of the Law on Alternative Fuels becoming effective, also with regard to the implementation of green gas production projects in Lithuania in the coming years.

“The system that enables registration and monitoring of the origin of produced green gas and its use in Lithuania as well as the possibility to exchange GOs between the EU Member States is already operational,” he added. “We will continue working to expand its potential of international trade in green gas and its use for various purposes. The operational GOs system creates opportunities to use more green renewable energy in Lithuania’s industry, transport and energy sectors, thus contributing to the achievement of climate change targets.”

The system of green gas GOs is useful to the producers of green gas, for example, biomethane and green hydrogen, as well as to consumers aiming to use green energy produced in Lithuania or the European Union in their activities. The developed and operational GOs system makes it possible to increase the share of renewable sources in the overall portfolio of produced or consumed energy. 

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