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SPP signs MoU with Italian companies to strengthen Slovakia’s gas supply diversification

Slovakia’s largest energy supplier SPP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the biggest Italian energy companies, Enel, Eni and Snam on commercial cooperation in the gas and LNG sector, aimed at identifying initiatives to contribute to Slovakia’s ability to diversify gas supplies.

Under the agreement, Eni and SPP will evaluate initiatives in the areas of trading and management of regasification and transportation capacities to secure and strengthen the strategic supply of natural gas to be consumed in Slovakia.

“Italy and the energy companies with which we have signed the MoU can become our strategic partners,” commented the Chairman of the Board and CEO of SPP Miroslav Kulla. “It was through the Italian LNG terminals that some of the first diversified supplies of natural gas arrived in Slovakia. Establishing closer cooperation is, therefore, a natural step for us.”

“In Europe, the construction of new LNG terminals and liquefaction facilities, as well as the increase of transport capacities, are currently being intensively addressed,” added Marián Široký, vice-chairman of the SPP board of directors. “It is important for us to secure access to LNG terminals and their regasification capacities by 2026 at the latest so that we will be able to purchase LNG directly.”

SPP is also establishing cooperation with other European operators of LNG terminals and gas infrastructure.

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