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Slovakia should recognise the benefits of a single virtual interconnection point

The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) reported that the demand for short-haul service increased by 20 per cent from Slovakia and five times from Poland.

“I congratulate our Slovak colleagues with the strong increase in transportation volumes over the last two months across the Ukrainian-Slovak border,” said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of the GTSOU. “Since the beginning of the year, due to the high demand for short-haul service, the Slovak Gas TSO has increased gas transportation to Ukraine by an additional 34 per cent.”

However, he noted that it is a pity that Slovakia does not yet see the benefits of introducing a single virtual interconnection point (VIP), as this would increase the overall benefit for both countries, Gas TSOs and market participants.

Earlier in April, Ukrainian and Hungarian gas transmission system operators established the virtual interconnection point Bereg on the Ukraine-Hungary border, that enabled virtual natural gas reverse flow. A similar virtual interconnection point was established at the beginning of July at the Polish-Ukrainian border, uniting the two existing interconnection points of Drozdowicze and Hermanowice.

These agreements follow the GTSOU’s intentions to undertake mergers of its western border interconnection points in a bid to streamline operations and deepen regional market integration.

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