Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Rompetrol grows retails activities amid coronavirus

International oil company KMG International Group, also known as Rompetrol Group, opened 12 new fuel stations, consolidating and developing its retail activities in the Black Sea region.

“Rompetrol makes sustained efforts to always satisfy the needs of customers in Romania and the Black Sea region, but also to offer new services and products,” said Vlad Rusnac, KMG International’s Chief Marketing and Retail Officer. “During this difficult period, we managed to protect our employees and clients, but also to continue our investments and, implicitly, the creation of new jobs and new sources of financing for local and central budgets.”

The 12 new Rompetrol fuel stations are located in Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia, while further expansions also include Moldova.

All the Group’s fuel stations in the Black Sea region were open during this period and operated in accordance with the recommendations and decisions adopted by the local and central authorities. At the same time, they were involved in supporting the authorities’ fight against the coronavirus, through donations of fuel, medical supplies and equipment.

In Romania, Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division, managed to increase its distribution network with seven new fuel stations, to which are added two new trading points of liquefied petroleum gas. The network operated by the company internally currently amounts to 395 fuel stations.

Given the measures to limit domestic and international travel and subsequently to establish emergencies in the region, fuel sales through Rompetrol stations have been on a downward trend since mid-March, both compared to previous months, as well as a similar period last year. Under these circumstances, the four retail subsidiaries of the Group managed in the first quarter of the year an increase of over 9 per cent of the volumes sold in retail. In Romania, the main market, Rompetrol Downstream recorded a 12 per cent increase in fuel sales in the retail segment.

“The rapid adaptation in March to the new measures and restrictions generated by the COVID-19 virus, the flexibility in diversifying and expanding the products and services offered, the creativity to develop new tools and prevention measures for supplying customers with fuels and products have allowed us a significant reduction of the impact on our activities,” added Mr Rusnac.

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