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Romgaz puts into operation the Coşereni Gas Dehydration Plant

Romania’s natural gas producer Romgaz has put into operation the Coşereni Gas Dehydration Plant, an investment of approximately 31 million lei (6.2 million euros), which is currently treating 230,000 cubic metres of natural gas per day, a production obtained by putting three new wells into production.

For the company, this represents the completion of an important investment objective within the priority onshore Snagov Project included in the 2021-2030 Development Strategy.

By the end of the first quarter of 2023, on a step-by-step basis, other new wells will be put into production increasing the dehydration plant’s utilisation degree of approximately 800,000 cubic metres/day.

“Starting with 2021, we have enhanced our efforts to complete an important stage in the development of Snagov project,” said the CEO, Aristotel Marius Jude. “Given the fact that a significant part of our production is obtained from mature onshore reservoirs, we undertake steady efforts to maintain an average annual production decline below 2.5 per cent, a strategic objective included in the company’s Development Strategy. Moreover, in order to meet this objective and, implicitly, to obtain additional production, Romgaz invests in geological exploration to discover new natural gas reserves, and to stream into production new capacities.”

The Snagov project consists of the development of infrastructure containing technological installations for 11 wells, 4 well groups, collectors, 1 gas dehydration plant and 1 gas metering system.

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