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Romania’s Transgaz and E.ON to jointly align development strategies with European Green Deal

Romania’s Transgaz and E.ON Romania have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on future cooperation in aligning and correlating both sides’ development strategies concerning natural gas infrastructure with European Green Deal and other European legal provisions.

The memorandum was signed on Thursday (20 April) in Bucharest, Romania. The document aims to set out a common action plan to consolidate and extend the natural gas infrastructure in line with natural gas as a transition fuel, and accelerate research on the role of national natural gas infrastructure in accommodating green gases, especially hydrogen, by exchanging relevant information.

“Transgaz has always been in the vanguard of Romania’s energy security development. We have succeeded by interconnection projects, by the partnerships we entered into, by NTS developments. We have paid timely attention to the ramifications the European Green Deal and new fuels will have on the European energy sector. That’s why we have decided to enter into this collaborative partnership with E.ON because together we can generate the symbiosis to consolidate Romania’s energy security,” said Ion Sterian, General Director of Transgaz.

“Transgaz has proven that it has the capacity to implement high-importance, complex investment projects, under conditions of economic efficiency and operational safety. Through our future projects we will take further the mission we have assumed, with the same responsibility towards performance, competitively, and for the sustainable development of the Romanian energy sector,” he added.

Both sides will also seek to work together on preparing common proposals to Romania’s energy regulator, ANRE on regulations related to hydrogen and combustion gas mixtures areas, and setting the criteria for developing the infrastructure dedicated to hydrogen across Romania.

“We want to bring together the know-how the E.ON group has at the European level with the one of Transgaz in order to develop the technologies and resilient national infrastructure, well-prepared for the challenges of the future. Together with the natural gas infrastructure in place, the green energy transition can be much more cost-effective, and the long-term benefits for the consolidation of the energy security are obvious,” said Volker Raffel, CEO of E.ON Romania.

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