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Polish and Ukrainian Gas TSO sign interconnection agreement

Poland’s natural gas transmission system operator (TSO) GAZ-SYSTEM concluded a new interconnection agreement with the Ukrainian Gas TSO uniting two existing interconnection points – Drozdowicze and Hermanowice – into one single virtual interconnection point to come into force at the beginning of July.

The Polish and Ukrainian gas transmission system operators are continuing to implement EU network rules, principles and business practices to provide transparency and liquidity to the gas markets. 

Uniting existing physical interconnection points is one of the latest requirements prescribed by the Network Code for Capacity Allocation Mechanisms (CAM NC). In the case of  Poland and Ukraine, it became possible finally in 2020, since the same business rules have started to be applied at the beginning of this year.

From both sided, the tariff for gas transportation on interconnection points does not change and remains the same.

Market participants will be able to book the capacity of the new GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/UA TSO point for the upcoming years by participating in the auction of a yearly product scheduled for 6 July 2020.

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