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Poland’s ORLEN Group to supply gas to Slovakia

ORLEN, through its subsidiary PGNiG Supply & Trading, has signed a contract with Slovak company ZSE Group for the sale of gas. The agreement will cover approximately 30 per cent of ZSE’s annual demand, underscoring the growing cooperation among Central and Eastern European (CEE) companies to diversify supply sources and enhance regional gas security.

Starting from January and continuing through the end of 2025, ORLEN will supply the ZSE Group with natural gas sourced from various locations, including the United States. The gas will be delivered in liquefied form to an LNG terminal, where the ORLEN Group has secured long-term capacity. After regasification, the gas will travel through the pipeline connecting Lithuania and Poland into the Polish gas system and then to Slovakia via the Vyrava interconnector.

This contract represents a significant milestone as it marks the first time a Slovak company will import natural gas from across its northern border. The volume covered by this contract accounts for roughly one-third of the annual demand of ZSE Group’s customers, making it a crucial element of Slovakia’s gas supply.

The conclusion of this contract highlights the importance of recent developments in gas interconnections between Poland and other CEE countries. These new interconnections have enabled the ORLEN Group to supply gas to customers both domestically and internationally, leveraging its diversified gas acquisition portfolio.

The contract, which is priced based on market rates, exemplifies how infrastructure investments and strategic partnerships can enhance energy security and supply diversification in the region. It reflects a broader trend of increasing energy cooperation within Central and Eastern Europe, aimed at reducing dependency on single sources of gas and strengthening the resilience of energy supplies.

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