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Poland lays the groundwork for the North-South Gas Corridor

Polish natural gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM has been granted an occupancy permit for the Hermanowice-Strachocina high-pressure gas pipeline, commissioned as part of the North-South Corridor.

The 72 kilometres long pipeline will allow to take full advantage of the potential of the underground gas storage of Strachocina and facilitate cross-border gas transmission in the region. The new pipeline is a significant part of the integration of Polish-Slovak, as well as Polish-Ukrainian gas transmission system, especially in the context of the planned construction of the Poland-Ukraine interconnection, that is expected to increase security and stability of gas transmission between Poland and Ukraine and thus in the whole CEE region. As GAZ-SYSTEM proceeds with the investment, the overall development of the Polish part of the Gas Interconnection Poland-Ukraine is on track.

The Hermanowice – Strachocina Gas Pipeline is a significant element of the North-South Gas Corridor, which was granted the status of Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Commission and received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020. The amount of co-financing amounted to over 146 million złotys (32 million euros).

GAZ-SYSTEM expects that the completion of the project will increase the capacity of the gas transmission system towards the West, shorten the route of transporting, reduce the cost of gas transmission and eventually strengthen Poland’s energy security.

The decision was issued by the Provincial Inspectorate of Construction Supervision in Rzeszów. The investment included, inter alia, the construction of a 72 kilometres long high-pressure gas pipeline with fibre optic line and the expansion of the distribution and measurement node in Hermanowice, enabling bidirectional gas transmission. The planned pipeline connecting Poland and Ukraine is to run between the Hermanowice node on the Polish side and the Bliche Volytsia node on the Ukrainian side.

Artur Zawartko, Vice President of GAZ-SYSTEM underlined that the new Hermanowice-Strachocina gas pipeline will significantly increase the capacity of the transmission system in southern Poland.

“Thanks to this, we will ensure free access to low-emission gaseous fuel for industry, energy and residents,” added Mr Zawartko.

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