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PKN ORLEN plans to operate the Ostrołęka power plant only if it uses gas

Major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer PKN ORLEN decided to focus on the development of low- and zero-carbon energy sources.

The acquisition of ENERGA Group concluded at the end of April, included the Ostrołęka power plant, which was supposed to be one of the last coal-fired thermal power stations in Poland. PKN ORLEN confirmed its decision to move further with the investment only under the condition of switching the plant to gas-based technologies.

“We see great potential for building new energy sources in Poland, which will strengthen the energy security of the country and the region,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN. “However, we cannot act separately from market trends and the European Union’s regulatory policy. All projects that we implement in the ORLEN Group must have a strong business justification and strengthen our competitiveness in a demanding market. The investment in Ostrołęka will be implemented, but it must be based on gas technology.” 

The emissions from burning gas are almost twice lower than the emissions generated by burning coal. In addition, technologies based on natural gas allows generating energy cheaper than hard coal-based solutions. 

The final decision of PKN ORLEN regarding the investment in Ostrołęka will be preceded by talks with the companies Enea and Energa. 

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