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PERN notes close to 100 companies at ‘Contractor’s Day’

Polish crude oil and fuels operator PERN announced on Friday (17 November) that close to 100 companies were present at a “Contractor’s Day” for its key investments in 2024.

In 2024, PERN plans to begin the construction of new tank capacities at its fuel base in Dębogórze (northern Poland) and increase the capacity of the railway filling station at the same facility.

In a press release, PERN also noted investment priorities for Naftoport, a crude oil and petroleum products transport company in which PERN is a majority shareholder. Next year, Naftoport plans an expansion of its transhipment terminal in Gdańsk with a deep-water position “W” for transhipment of crude oil.

“Our primary task is to ensure the continuity of the Polish economy through uninterrupted supplies of crude oil to refineries and fuel to gas stations. We are a pillar of energy security. In order to efficiently manage our network of pipelines and tanks, we constantly carry out a number of tasks aimed at maintaining the infrastructure at the highest possible level,” emphasised Mirosław Skowron, President of PERN. “Therefore, we attach great importance to building good and long-term relationships with our contractors who support us in achieving our mission.”

In 2022, PERN conducted over 470 procurement procedures. The company has 19 fuel bases throughout Poland, with a total capacity of around 2.65 million cubic metres and 4 crude oil bases with a total capacity of over 4.1 million cubic metres.

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