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ORLEN integrates transport activities

Polish energy company ORLEN Group announced on Thursday (9 November) that its subsidiary ORLEN Transport has acquired the business section providing fuel transport services from ORLEN Paliwa.

As a result, all of the Group’s road transport activities have been incorporated into a single company. “When we bought 100 per cent of shares in ORLEN Transport in 2021 and the company returned to the Group, we announced not only the reconstruction of our own transport capacity but also the integration of road logistics within the ORLEN Capital Group,” said Michał Róg, Member of the Management Board for ORLEN’s Trade and Logistics.

“Concentrating all transport activities under one entity will improve the efficiency of management of this segment, streamline purchasing processes related to the development and servicing of machinery, facilitate modernisation and contribute to improving the level of services provided to customers,” said Michał Róg, Member of the Management Board for ORLEN’s Trade and Logistics. “In the near future we plan, among others,f to equip all vehicles with intelligent safety systems and actions to increase the energy efficiency of ORLEN Transport. The effect of integration will be to strengthen the company’s position on the road fuel transport market.”

As part of the integration, ORLEN Transport has received an additional 135 transport units and 225 drivers. In total, the ORLEN Group currently has a modern fleet of over 330 sets for the transport of ADR class II and III dangerous goods (liquid fuels including gas). ORLEN Transport has started implementing contracts for the transport of liquid fuels for ORLEN Paliwa and its customers throughout Poland, ORLEN said in a press release.

“Many years of experience and high competencies in the field of transport acquired from ORLEN Paliwa will allow us not only to strengthen logistics processes within the Group but also to expand the scale of our operations. This will give us the opportunity to offer liquid fuel transport services beyond the borders of our country. The merger will also allow us to increase the scale of investments, among others: in the camp. Next year we will spend over 140 million zlotys [31.6 euros] on this,” said Mirosław Zubek, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Transport.

In 2022, ORLEN Transport transported over 7.1 million cubic metres of liquid fuels, generating a revenue of 193.6 million zlotys (43.7 million euros) based on long-term contracts with the ORLEN Group and other fuel companies.

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