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Orlen Group to make new investments in Gdańsk refinery

The Polish Orlen Group have set out new investments in the logistics and production assets of the Gdańsk refinery in the north of Poland, the company announced last Friday (20 January).

A terminal for servicing marine vessels will be built on the refinery’s quay, which will enable the transhipment of over a million tons of products, including base oils, marine fuels and fuel bio-additives from 2025. The budget for this project is 500 million złotych (106 million euros). The contractor of the investment will be a consortium of companies led by the Sopot NDI group. Another investment, with a budget of 1.4 billion złotych (297.3 million euros) is a new Hydrocracked Base Oil (HBO) unit project.

The HBO installation, which is being developed since 2021, will help to improve the economics of crude oil processing, according to a press release from the company. The introduction of a new category of base oil products (for example, group II base oils) to the Polish and foreign markets will result in a significant increase in the concern’s competitiveness, the press release added. In addition, the HBO project will include the catalytic dewaxing and hydro refining (DW/HDF) installation, which will consist of several sections: reactor, hydrogen compression and hydrogen gas circulation, separation of light products and distillation of liquid products.

“In accordance with our declarations, we focus on the dynamic development of Gdańsk assets, using their value to achieve the strategic goals of the entire ORLEN Group,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN. “We are allocating a total of 2 billion złotych for investments that will increase the profitability of crude oil processing at the refinery, as well as strengthen the security of product supplies. By investing in our own infrastructure, we increase our independence from external partners and therefore generate significant savings in the area of logistics. Importantly, we use the potential of local companies that will work on this project on our behalf.”

Gdańsk. Source: PKN Orlen.

In the coming years, the target reloading capacity of the sea terminal located on the Martwa Wisła river may amount to up to two million tons of products per year, according to the press release. The implementation of the investment will improve the profitability and security of supplies of bio-components for the production of fuels (biogasoline and biodiesel) and the transportation of products (base oils and marine fuels) produced in the refinery, the press release added.

The new terminal will also ease the traffic of the railway siding operating at the refinery, which is the current route for transporting products between the refinery and external reloading points.

The project includes the construction of a transhipment wharf to handle sea vessels up to 130 metres long. As part of this, there are plans to build a quay with two reloading berths for servicing tankers (each with 4 loading arms) and the necessary infrastructure, for example, buildings, pipelines, steel flyovers, underground and auxiliary infrastructure connecting the terminal with the refinery in Gdańsk.

In addition, the terminal will enable the reloading of components and bio-components (biodiesel and bio-gasolines).

The HBO installation and the new terminal are to be commissioned by mid-2025. Both the HBO installation and the sea transhipment terminal projects were prepared by specialists from the LOTOS Group. Following the merger between the two companies, the projects were taken over and are now continued by PKN ORLEN.

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