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ORLEN Group guarantees stable crude oil and fuel supplies to the whole CEE

Poland’s ORLEN Group has not made any spot purchases of Russian crude oil since the start of the war in Ukraine. However, the Group is able to guarantee stable crude oil and fuel supplies.

Twenty-eight tankers with alternative types of crude oil were ordered for the ORLEN Group refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Furthermore, independence from Russian crude oil supplies was possible also thanks to the consistent diversification of supplies carried out over the last four years.

“We have an extensive database of suppliers from Europe and beyond our continent with whom we have established strong partnerships and relationships over the last four years,” said Daniel Obajtek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PKN ORLEN. “During this time, we have imported and tested at the ORLEN Group refineries about 100 types of crude oil from all over the world. So when we resign ourselves to Russian crude oil supplies, we will maintain stable crude oil supplies not only to Poland but to the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. However, the withdrawal from Russian crude oil should be coordinated at the level of the whole European Union in order to maintain market balance.” 

As recently as 2013, a whopping 98 per cent of the crude feedstock processed in Płock was REBCO oil, which is sourced from Russia. Currently, the grade accounts for only about 50 per cent of the plant’s crude slate, the balance coming from Saudi Arabia, the US and West Africa and Norway.

Fields in the North Sea provide a source of Forties, Oseberg, Johan Sverdrup, Troll, Brent and Ekofisk oils for the Group. Forcados and Bonny Light oil grades are imported from West Africa. ORLEN Group’s supply portfolio also includes WTI, Bakken and Mars oil produced in the United States.

Currently, there are no fuel shortages in Poland. Should it become necessary, PKN ORLEN is able to deal with any undersupply using output from its two Czech refineries and, additionally, from its refinery in Mažeikiai, Lithuania. In the case of the Lithuanian refinery, transport of the product is possible both by rail and by sea. It is important to note, however, that the ORLEN Group’s Czech and Lithuanian refineries will first meet demand in their respective regions, as is the case today.

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