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ORLEN and GAZ-SYSTEM to cooperate on carbon capture technology

Polish energy company ORLEN announced on Wednesday (22 November) that it has signed a letter of intent with Polish gas transmission operator GAZ-SYSTEM on the initiation of activities related to the preparation of conditions for the implementation of carbon capture, transmission and sequestration (CCS) technology.

The activities include, among other things, the transportation of carbon dioxide through pipelines from industrial plants to storage locations. Managing greenhouse gas emissions is an opportunity to “maintain competitiveness” in various industries, including fertilisers, metallurgy and cement, OLREN said in a press release.

The implementation of carbon dioxide capture, storage and management technology is an essential element of the transformation of the national economy. For companies that, for technological reasons, are unable to eliminate CO2 emissions, this is the only option to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of ORLEN. “Therefore, ORLEN is building strong competencies that will enable it to offer services related to carbon dioxide management, among others, for the chemical industry, cement plants and steelworks within a few years. The agreement between ORLEN and GAZ-SYSTEM is an important step towards developing solutions supporting the development of this business in Poland.”

The document envisions collaboration in coordinating actions related, among other things, to the development and implementation of technical solutions that facilitate an effective deployment of carbon capture, transmission, and storage technologies in Poland.

An “essential aspect” of this process will be defining the principles of conducting such activities and, in the future, establishing conditions for the pipeline transport of carbon dioxide from its production and capture sites to storage locations, ORLEN said in a press release.

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