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OMV secures additional gas transport capacities until 2028

International, integrated oil, gas and chemicals company OMV has successfully secured additional gas transport capacities to ensure a stable and diversified gas supply to Austria.

In the annual auction held this year, OMV was awarded capacities of approximately 40 terawatt-hours (TWh) per annum for the period from October 2023 to September 2026, and approximately 20 TWh per annum for the period from October 2026 to September 2028. The border transfer points for the natural gas are Oberkappel via Germany and Arnoldstein via Italy, informed the company.

By securing these additional capacities, OMV strengthens its supply obligations to its contract customers in the mid-term. This achievement, in combination with alternative non-Russian gas sources, significantly contributes to the diversification of OMV’s gas supply sources.

Alfred Stern, CEO and Chairman of the OMV Executive Board emphasised the importance of diversification, stating, “OMV is actively driving forward the diversification of its gas supply sources, which includes gas from its own production and external sources from Norway, as well as additional LNG volumes. With this development, we continue to make a significant contribution to the gas supply in Austria.” He further highlighted OMV’s strategy of diversifying both gas supply sources and supply routes to enhance security and flexibility in the face of changing market dynamics.

Despite the successful acquisition of additional gas transport capacities, challenges still lie in the infrastructure, primarily focused on the supply route from the east via the Baumgarten hub. OMV is committed to addressing these challenges and continues to invest in storage facilities to ensure the security of gas supplies to its customers. Currently, OMV’s storage facilities are already filled at a capacity of around 85 per cent.

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