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Naftogaz discovers a new gas field

Ukraine’s oil and gas company Naftogaz has discovered a new field named Zhemchuzhne, whose proven reserves amount to 200 million cubic metres (mcm) of gas, while prospective reserves exceed 2 billion cubic metres (bcm).

“Studying the geology of new areas and discovering new fields is Naftogaz’s top priority,” commented Naftogaz Exploration and Production division head Oleksandr Romaniuk. “This is the only way to increase our resource base and stabilise gas production in Ukraine. Naftogaz is actively exploring all new prospective areas in its portfolio. This has been proven by the recent discovery of the Zhemchuzhne field, which was made in extremely difficult conditions. However, the available areas in the company’s portfolio are not enough for a dramatic change. We need to explore much larger territories, both onshore and offshore, which have significant resource potential and remain undeveloped. This needs to change. Naftogaz, with its vast experience and expertise in dealing with new complex assets, is ready to deliver within the shortest possible time.”

To obtain more data on the geological structure of the Zhemchuzhne field and to identify optimal spots for drilling new wells, the company plans 3D seismic research. The Ukrainian government recently empowered Naftogaz to explore the Ukrainian part of the Black Sea shelf. The company plans to start offshore exploration in 2021 if license procedures are completed quickly.

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