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Naftogaz calls for talks with Germany about Nord Stream 2 before elections

Ukraine has initiated an active dialogue with Germany with regard to what the company considers as a violation of EU anti-monopoly laws by Russia’s energy giant Gazprom, announced Yuriy Vitrenko, CEO of Naftogaz of Ukraine, as quoted by Interfax-Ukraine News Agency.

Mr Vitrenko pointed out that Gazprom has been blocking other companies’ ability to supply gas to European markets and also blocking gas transit from Central Asian countries through the Ukrainian GTS to the EU. The Naftogaz CEO added that, in the negotiation process with the US, the Ukrainian side has also raised the issue of Gazprom’s European anti-monopoly violations.

“As the US is now right in the middle of debates on Nord Stream 2 with Germany, we would like them to be aware of this aspect of the problem,” he added. “They should know that the expectations we had at the time of signing the current transit contract in 2019 (including expectations that Gazprom would unblock gas transit from Central Asia and gas exports by other companies operating in the Russian Federation) have not yet been met. This is important because the American side will further highlight this in their talks with Germany.”

With Germany’s elections approaching, Mr Vitrenko suggested beginning negotiations immediately, without waiting and risking possible changes in the country’s political landscape.

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