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MOL’s Polyol project reaches an important milestone

The 1.2 billion euros Polyol project investment, carried out by leading energy company in Central and Eastern Europe MOL, has reached an important milestone. Altogether 65 chemical plant equipment have arrived on 36 different cargo ships since November and the last gigantic equipment has arrived at the end of May, shipped via the river Tisza to Tiszaújváros, in Hungary.

Polyol is an innovative and highly sought-after commodity chemical, the base component of polyurethane, a polymer used by various industries including construction, insulation, furniture manufacturing, automotive and textile industries.

Video: courtesy of MOL

The installations and modules of the polyol complex were made in different locations around the world, from Spain to China. Due to the size and weight of most of the equipment, road transportation was not possible, therefore the modules were carried via waterways. Based on data of the past 15 years, the water level of the Tisza is only suitable for such shipment in a certain period. Since November 2019 altogether 65 plant modules travelled on the Tisza, whose water lowered three times to a level unsuitable for transportation.

The investment of the new polyol complex, where commodity plastic will be produced is the largest organic investment of MOL, with a budget of 1.2 billion euros. The plant will provide 200 new workplaces and will have a capacity to process 200,000 propylene oxide, which will be transformed into polyol.

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