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LUKOIL moving ahead with its Caspian Sea fields

Russian multinational energy corporation LUKOIL has launched the living quarters’ platform for the Valery Grayfer field from the yard to the Caspian Sea, moving forward with the construction.

The facility, whose total weight is 6,000 tons, is designed to accommodate 155 people and its installation is scheduled for 2021. Therefore, the start of the commercial oil production from the Valery Grayfer field is planned for 2022 at the design rate of 1.2 million tonnes per year.

LUKOIL also continues the development of the Vladimir Filanovsky and Yury Korchagin fields, with the accumulated production from these projects approaching 30 million tonnes.
The production on the Vladimir Filanovsky field involves three phases of facilities, including a wellhead platform with minimal involvement of personnel. Drilling is in progress on phase two facilities of the Yury Korchagin field to unlock reserves in the eastern part of the field as well as additional drilling on phase one facilities of the project.

The first producing well reaching the Callovian deposits was drilled from the ice-resistant fixed platform that has an intelligent completion system and a vertical depth as big as 1985 meters.

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