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Lithuania to modernise gas distribution stations for lower environmental pollution

Lithuania’s natural gas transmission operator Amber Grid is modernising gas distribution stations near Vilnius and Kėdainiai for 6 million euros.

“By modernising the state-owned gas transmission system, we aim to ensure the necessary gas transmission capacity for Lithuanian businesses and residents and to ensure that assets are effectively managed and maintained by modern means,” said Nemunas Biknius, CEO of Amber Grid. “For this purpose, we use the support of the EU structural funds, which allows not to include a significant part of the network renewal investments in the price of the gas transmission service for customers.”

The renovation of the Grigiškės, Vievis and Kėdainiai gas distribution stations is one of the last projects of the station renovation programme that has been implemented for almost two decades.

Particular attention is paid to the digital management of the stations, in order to reduce the possibility of accidents and disruptions. 

A modern gas transmission system adapted to today’s gas consumption needs and maintained in a timely manner ensures the safety of people, lower environmental pollution and optimal network maintenance costs. 

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