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Interconnection works on the Odessa-Chisinau gas pipeline to begin

The recently built, 12.85 kilometres long pipeline section will be replaced and connected to the Odessa-Chisinau gas pipeline between 6-8 July, announced the operator of the gas transmission system of the Republic of Moldova.

The works were recently completed with positive test results. The connection of the new gas pipeline to the existing one required thorough preparation, the disconnection of the existing section and close collaboration between the technical sections within the company, reads the press statement of Moldovatransgaz.

According to the plans, the Chisinau-1 Delivery Station (DS Chisinau-1) will be stopped and the Floreni-Mereni Delivery Station (DS Chisinau-2) will take over the entire gas flow for Chisinau. DS Chisinau-1 is supplied by the Odessa-Chisinau gas pipeline, providing gas for the city of Chisinau as two thermal power stations (TPS 1, TPS 2).

The Dispatching Center coordinates to reduce the gas pressure in the Odessa-Chisinau pipeline, while consumers in Chisinau will receive gas from DS Chisinau-2.

In parallel, the preparation works for the interconnection of the newly built gas pipeline are completed. The pipeline polarisation procedure is now underway that allows the welding works to be carried out.

After the whole complex of preparation works has been completed, the Pipeline Operation Section will disconnect the existing pipeline section and then connect the newly built pipeline thus completing the works.

In November 2020, Moldovatransgaz started the capital repair works of one of the oldest gas pipelines in Moldova, Odessa-Chisinau. The gas pipeline has a total length of 44 km and was built in 1966. The pipeline connects the natural gas transmission system of the Republic of Moldova with the Ukrainian TSO in the East, and with the Romanian TSO in the West.

The maintenance works are carried out on a segment of the gas pipeline with an approximate length of 13 kilometres, between 153.5-166.4 kilometres and were divided into implementation stages during 2020-2021.

Starting from this year, Moldova also improved the process of natural gas transportation from and to Ukraine, while initiating negotiations with the Customs Service with regards to virtual reverse gas flow.

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