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IGU and Gazprom: natural gas is crucial for economies and the environment

International Gas Union (IGU) and Gazprom met to highlight the growing importance of natural gas in resolving global economic problems and the negative environmental impact of energy on the International Gas Forum 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

On a meeting between Gazprom and International Gas Union (IGU) which took place within the frames of the forum, Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom Export stressed the contribution of the International Gas Union to promoting the use of natural gas as an eco-friendly, reliable and affordable energy resource.

In his address to the speakers of the forum, Joe M Kang, President of the International Gas Union (IGU), urged policymakers around the world to “recognise the unique role of natural gas for keeping societies energized and warm, both in developed and developing markets”.

He called natural gas “the ideal partner for renewable energy” and “a major positive catalyst for a cleaner environment through fuel switching”. Then underscored that replacing dirtier fuels with natural gas can reduce 5.5 gitanoees (Gt) or more than 13 per cent of the energy sector CO2 emissions and “drive air pollution down globally”.  

Reliability of natural gas supplies featured both as “a core foundation of European decarbonisation” and the continent’s energy security in Mr Kang’s speech as well as the developing world’s enabler to accessing energy that “can propel economies across the region, reducing monetary and energy poverty”.

Hydrogen, the cutting-edge energy technology which is drawing increasing attention of the climate-neutrality-minded European Union was another discussion topic on the forum. Mr Kang emphasised that natural gas is the ally of hydrogen and especially blue hydrogen which is derived from natural gas and can boost demand for it.

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