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IGB pipeline starts transporting natural gas to Moldova

Transportation of the first quantities of gas to Moldova via the IGB pipeline began successfully earlier today. The Greece-Bulgaria interconnector reaches over 80 per cent reserved capacity in the first two months of its commissioning.

The Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) has a key role in the diversification of natural gas supplies for the region. The interconnector connects Bulgaria directly to the Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor, allowing access to new, diverse sources and contributes directly to increased security of supplies. The new infrastructure is key to the entire Central and Southeastern European region, creating an entirely new route for the transport of natural gas from new sources to a number of countries, including Moldova and Ukraine.

As of 1 October 2022, the quantities of natural gas transported through the interconnector provide nearly one-third of Bulgaria’s consumption during the winter season. For the time being, the reserved capacity for Moldova will also be used to secure the necessary quantities for the country’s domestic consumption during the winter period, ensuring a reliable and predictable source of supply.

IGB’s free capacity is being offered by the independent transmission operator ICGB on two leading European platforms – PRISMA and RBP. With the start of the gas transportation to Moldova, IGB now has over 80 per cent of its total capacity of 3 billion cubic metres per year (bcm/y) booked.

“This is a clear sign of the significant market interest in IGB and the opportunities the pipeline provides – enhanced energy connectivity, increased security of supply and access to diversified sources. The interconnector plays an extremely important role at this time of uncertainty and increased risks, and we believe that the possibility of increasing its capacity to 5 bcm/y will contribute even further to the energy security of both Bulgaria and Greece, as well and of the neighboring countries and the wider region”, said ICGB Executive Officers Teodora Georgieva and George Satlas.

The Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria is a project of common interest and a priority project under the Central and South Eastern Europe Energy Connectivity High-Level Group. The project has received 45 million euros from the European Energy Programme for Recovery and 39 million euros from structural funds under the Operational Program “Innovations and competitiveness”.

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