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Hungary enhances natural gas supply resilience with updated regulations

In view of last year’s experiences, Hungary’s Ministry of Energy has updated regulations aimed at addressing potential disruptions in natural gas supply. Hungary’s natural gas supply is stable, with gas storage facilities currently filled up to 88 per cent, informed the ministry.

Over the past decade, the structure of gas consumption has undergone significant changes, with more advanced communication and information systems enabling more effective emergency response. The ministry, in consultation with stakeholders, has reviewed the related regulations with the goal of ensuring the continuous supply of natural gas to consumers.

The newly issued government decree defines preventive measures that can be effectively implemented and necessary interventions when justified. The majority of the revised rules will take effect at the beginning of 2024, providing adequate preparation time, said the ministry.

In line with past practice and international regulations, the Energy Minister-led Crisis Management Committee can prepare and coordinate the necessary steps for handling emergency situations affecting all social and economic sectors.

Hungary’s natural gas supply is stable, with contracted quantities arriving continuously, informed the ministry. According to EU expectations, European storage facilities should reach a 90 per cent filling rate by the start of the heating season. Despite being at two-thirds capacity at the end of June, the current Hungarian indicator stands at over 88 per cent. The consumption-adjusted filling rate of Hungarian storage facilities has also reached 55 per cent, which is twice the EU average. The 5.5 billion cubic metres (bcm) already stored far exceeds more than a third of the residential consumption in 2021.

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