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How to protect the environment, support society and achieve good governance: DESFA presents ESG report

Greece’s transmission system operator DESFA is taking steady steps towards a clean energy future through the continuous development of its infrastructure and the reduction of the environmental footprint of its operations, as indicated in DESFA’s ESG Report for the year 2022. 

DESFA said that it has adopted a holistic approach to the environment, with a commitment not only to fight climate change but also to adopt best practices for the conservation and development of the areas where the existing infrastructure operates, mitigating the environmental impacts. This year, it adopted the Net Zero Plan aiming at a 50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

“With the publication of our first ESG Report, we have the opportunity to present our philosophy and current performance as well as our future ESG objectives,” said the CEO of DESFA, Maria Rita Galli. “In 2022 we have undertaken a number of initiatives to protect the environment, support society and achieve good governance. We are committed to continuing in the same direction, creating value for all interested stakeholders and advancing our operations. DESFA is laying the foundations for the energy of tomorrow by investing in people, innovation and infrastructure ready to meet future needs, facilitating more sustainable energy alternatives and paving the way towards a zero-carbon future.”

In 2022, the operator developed its long-term strategy towards the introduction of green and renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane, into the country’s energy mix, firmly positioning the company as a key player in Greece’s energy transition. In line with the company’s strategy, all new infrastructures are designed and built to ensure the progressive integration of green gases, with the West Macedonia pipeline project being the first 100 per cent compatible pipeline for the transport of hydrogen in Greece.

Respect for society as a whole is at the core of DESFA’s corporate culture. Furthermore, safety and service quality are regarded as priority objectives for sustainable development, with the application and continuous improvement of initiatives that positively impact various stakeholders. The company has increased the number of women in management positions by 30 per cent compared to 2019 and is carrying out multiple initiatives to enhance employee protection and training in occupational health and safety.

At the same time, a significant emphasis is given to achieving good governance within the company, with a particular focus on reliability, compliance, ethics and efficiency of services, as well as the development of a risk management system that will ensure the business continuity of the company.

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