Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Historic first gas supply to Romania through Moldova

The first supply of natural gas to Romania with Moldova being a transit country took place following the trilateral agreement between Moldovatransgaz, Moldovagaz and ERU Management Services, part of the ERU Group which specialises in the development of energy projects in Ukraine.

The agreement reached for using the Moldovan gas transmission system opens the way for gas transit from Ukrainian underground storages to the market of Romania and other Balkan states. It is a historic moment as this route was used solely by Russia’s Gazprom.

“ERU has become the first company to start operating on the gas transit route to Romania through Moldova, which is an alternate and attractive way to reach the European consumers,” said Yaroslav Mudryy, Managing Partner with the ERU Group. “We can see its significant potential as the volume of supplies through the territory of Moldova can amount to 3 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas annually.” 

According to him, this would enhance the attractiveness of Ukraine as a viable Eastern European gas hub with the possibility of using underground storage capacities of 31 bam that are currently only fifty per cent utilised.

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