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Greece hit record levels of natural gas consumption in 2021

2021 was a record year for natural gas consumption in Greece. Compared to 2020, the domestic gas use went up 10.87 per cent, reaching 69.96 terawatt-hours (TWh), according to the annual data of the Greek natural gas transmission operator DESFA.

The largest share was consumed by electricity generation units, followed by household consumers and businesses connected to the distribution networks, as well as domestic industries that are directly connected to the high-pressure system of DESFA.

LNG imports at the Revithoussa Terminal reached nearly 24.51 TWh which was less than the previous year – 33.40 TWh. However, almost a third (31.8 per cent) of all imported natural gas came from LNG cargo imports.

The reductions in LNG imports concerned the USA (-26.96 per cent) and Qatar (-44.59 per cent) while Algeria and Egypt increased substantially, by 60.24 per cent and 29.74 per cent, respectively. Nevertheless, the U.S. remained the largest LNG importer in Greece accounting for 50.14 per cent of all imports.

The increase of natural gas imports reached 77.73 TWh in total compared to 70.64 TWh in 2020. The largest quantity came from the entry point of Sidirokastro (35.37 TWh), which covered 45.5 per cent of all imports. Through the new entry point in Nea Mesimvria, the imports reached 17.5 per cent.

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