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GIPL to start commercial operations from 1 May

The construction of the 508 kilometres pipeline which connects Polish and Lithuanian transmission systems is coming to an end.

The Polish and Lithuanian Transmission System Operators (TSOs), respectively GAZ-SYSTEM and Amber Grid decided that the partial capacity of the GIPL pipeline will be available from 1 May 2022. The full-scale commissioning of the GIPL project will take place in October 2022.

Technical capacity for direction from Poland to Lithuania (exit) will amount to up to 2 billion cubic metres (bcm) per annum or 22.5 terawatts-hour (TWh)/annum. Interruptible capacity for direction from Lithuania to Poland (entry) will amount to up to 1.9 bcm/annum or 21 TWh/annum.

The initial capacities in both directions will be offered to be booked in  April 2022 at the GSA capacity booking platform (GSA Platform).

The GIPL project primarily aims at the establishment of bi-directional gas transmission pipeline linking natural gas transmission systems of Poland and Lithuania, allowing for eliminating so-called energy islands, for example, regions being so far not integrated with the EU energy market such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Finland.

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