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Germany and Czechia sign declaration on energy security

Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck signed a joint declaration on energy security with the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela, sending out a signal of solidarity in the energy crisis. 

“The Czech Republic has taken on the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in challenging times,” recalled Mr Habeck. “[…] It must be our aim to become independent of Russian imports of fossil fuels as soon as possible. In this context, the energy transition and independence from energy imports go hand in hand. We are strengthening our good bilateral relations and the European economy through joint German-Czech projects and intensive collaboration. In addition to tackling the current crisis, we need to resolutely continue to press ahead with our long-term objectives, including implementing the ambitious Fit-for-55 package.”

“Having allies from the European Union on our side is our great advantage in this energy war,” added Minister Síkela. “It is clear that the cooperation with Germany, through which almost all gas flows to us, will be essential for us in this direction.”

Indeed, both ministers said to be deeply concerned about gas supplies to the EU being used as a political weapon with the deliberate intention to divide the EU Member States and cause economic chaos.

“We stand united to provide operational cooperation and coordination in case of complete disruption of gas supplies which may occur in upcoming weeks,” read the declaration. “We are well aware that solidarity will be a key principle to follow in the case of a shortage of gas supplies, therefore we are going to finalise the agreement on solidarity measures to safeguard the security of gas supply between our countries prior to the start of the upcoming winter season.”

This energy partnership will be reinforced by liquified natural gas (LNG) deliveries to the region, for which both countries called for the utilisation of existing infrastructure and if necessary for the construction of new transit routes to be hydrogen ready.
Also, they underscored that enhanced cooperation in the electricity sector will also be indispensable.

“We agree with the need for closer cooperation in ensuring the security of electricity supply and in preventing and managing electricity crises,” continued the declaration.

“At the same time,” they concluded, “We remain strongly committed to reaching our national, European and international climate goals. Therefore, we are going to ensure that our measures to guarantee the security of supply are in line with our climate goals and will not create fossil fuel lock-ins.”

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