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GAZ-SYSTEM obtains permits for new pipeline in the North-South Corridor

Poland’s natural gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM obtained a set of permits for the Tworóg-Kędzierzyn gas pipeline, part of the North-South Corridor.

The pipeline, 43.4 kilometres long, is aimed at modernising and expanding the transmission system in southwestern Poland.

“We are successively and timely commissioning further gas pipelines for the North-South Corridor,” commented Artur Zawartko, Vice President of the Management Board of GAZ-SYSTEM. “The completion of this investment, including the distribution node in Tworóg, will increase the capacity of the transmission system in the region, which will have a positive impact on the gas availability for customers.”


As part of this investment, a large gas node was created in Tworóg, along with a system station with a capacity of 200,000 cubic metres per hour.

Among the main benefits of expanding the gas network in the region, there is the possibility of greater use of gas fuel. In addition, GAZ-SYSTEM will pay a property tax up to 2 per cent annually, which will be used for the needs of the local community.

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