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GAZ-SYSTEM establishes advisory ‘interdisciplinary Scientific Council’

Polish gas transmission company GAZ-SYSTEM announced on Thursday (21 September) that it has established an “interdisciplinary Scientific Council” which will act as an advisory group to the company’s management board.

The Council consists of “recognised experts and representatives of science, representing various thematic areas related to the company’s operation: energy, safety, law, ecology and health care,” GAZ-SYSTEM said in a press release.

“GAZ-SYSTEM – as one of the key entities in the energy infrastructure sector – plays a strategic role in Polish energy security and the development of the Polish economy. For this reason, the inspiration and professional expertise of recognised scientists forming the Scientific Council will allow the company to effectively conduct the energy transformation process and develop the decarbonised gases sector. I appreciate such activities in which State Treasury companies show the initiative to take care of the Polish raison d’état in business activities and take into account the well-being of all participants in this process in a way that is sustainable for man, nature and the state,” said Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure.

The main task of the Council is to support the company’s management board in future areas of activity, identify challenges and opportunities for GAZ-SYSTEM related to strategic development, as well as consultations on the implementation of the company’s 2033 strategy with a perspective until 2040.

“Energy transformation, although it requires radical changes in infrastructure, economy, law and awareness, should be conducted in a friendly and sustainable manner towards the environment in which we operate. GAZ-SYSTEM has ambitious goals for the next decade: we are expanding the existing infrastructure and at the same time we plan to use completely new technologies. All this should be cost-effective, safe and done with respect for the natural environment and people,” said Marcin Chludziński, President of GAZ-SYSTEM’s Management Board.

From 2025, GAZ-SYSTEM will be subject to the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Therefore, the number of factors (ie. environmental, social, managerial) that the company needs to take into account in the strategic planning process is expected to increase.

“The strategy for the next decade adopted by the company includes many aspects, the interplay of which we must take into account. This is the reason why we invited recognised authorities from many industries and academic circles to cooperate with us. A comprehensive approach to the future of the energy industry, taking into account the role of decarbonised gases, will ensure the best functioning of the company and the Polish economy,” Mr Chludziński added.

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