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GAZ-SYSTEM completes construction of the Strachocina–Pogórska Wola gas pipeline

The construction of the high-pressure gas pipeline Strachocina–Pogórska Wola, another element of the North-South Corridor, has been completed.

The project represents the largest investment programme of Poland’s natural gas system operator GAZ-SYSTEM. With its 97.4 kilometres length, the new pipeline connects two nodes: the one recently commissioned and located in Strachocina as well as the expanded junction and gas compressor station in Pogórska Wola.


“The Strachocina-Pogórska Wola gas pipeline is one of the last investments that make up the North-South Corridor programme currently being finalised by GAZ-SYSTEM,” highlighted Artur Zawartko, Vice-President of the Management Board of GAZ-SYSTEM. “The completion of this section was difficult as it led through a geologically diverse area of the Carpathian Foothills, with a large number of trenchless crossings and landslides requiring specialist protection.”

The construction process, using slightly invasive trenchless methods, witnessed the overcoming of more than 80 terrain obstacles, including 9 with the Direct Pipe method and 31 with the micro-tunnelling method. Some of the welding work was carried out – for the first time in Poland in the construction of strategic gas pipelines – using the innovative CRC Evans welding method.

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