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Gas TSO of Ukraine supports rerouting of gas transportation to Europe

The Gas TSO of Ukraine wants to increase the energy security of Ukraine and of the region by rerouting gas transportation and reducing gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline.

At the Energy Community Secretariat’s South-East European Gas (SEEGAS) extraordinary meeting where these proposals were put forward, concrete measures were discussed for the acceleration of regional gas market integration and gas supply diversification – important matters not only for Ukraine but also for the South-East and East European countries that are vulnerable to energy disruptions from Russia.

“Ukrainian GTS is designed in such a way, that we do not have separate pipelines for transit and domestic gas transportation. First and foremost, it is the social protection of Ukrainians that needs to be enhanced,” Olga Bielkova, Director of Government and International Affairs of GTSOU said at the meeting.

“Currently, transit is an additional factor of security for the Ukrainian gas transportation infrastructure. Proportionally, we will weaken the position of Russia on the European energy market,” she added.

Ms Bielkova proposed that the energy security of Ukraine can be ensured by increasing the firm capacities with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland on a long-term basis.

She also noted that the security of the region can be facilitated by the opening of the Trans-Balkan corridor, for the full operation of which the Turkish and Bulgarian operators shall create firm capacities in the Turkey-Bulgaria direction, and Moldovan partners shall remove regulatory barriers.

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