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Gas prices for Ukrainian households to remain unchanged, Naftogaz CEO says

Gas prices for Ukrainian households will remain unchanged, according to the CEO of Ukrainian state-owned energy company Naftogaz Group Oleksiy Chernyshov (28 August).

“I would like to reassure everyone: the gas price for household consumers will remain stable at 7.96 Ukrainian hryvnias (0.20 euros), which is the same as last year. We are also offering special conditions for gas supply to district heating companies,” the Naftogaz CEO said in an interview with Rada TV channel.

Mr Chernyshov also confirmed that the Ukrainian government had adopted a resolution extending Public Service Obligation (PSO) terms. “In line with this decision, gas for district heating companies will be supplied at the price of UAH 7.420 per cubic metre,” he said.

During the same TV interview, the Naftogaz head noted that this year’s heating season will “not be easy” due to a possible renewal of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure. “We are sure the enemy will seek to deprive Ukrainians of access to essential services including public utilities such as heat and energy. We are well aware that we must prepare for a challenging heating season,” Mr Chernyshov said during the interview.

“However, we have already been here before. The events of the past year have toughened up our power engineers. Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is getting ready for the coming winter. We have responses in place for a range of scenarios and we are developing appropriate countermeasures,” the CEO highlighted.

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