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Gas Interconnector Poland-Lithuania is completed

The construction of the Gas Interconnector Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) has been completed. The entire 165 kilometres pipeline to the Polish border is filled with gas.

“Despite global and local challenges, we have implemented our plan and we have completed the strategic Lithuanian energy project, the construction of the GIPL pipeline, in the worth of 116 million by the end of 2021,” said Nemunas Biknius, the CEO of Amber Grid, the gas transmission system operator, implementing the GIPL project. “The GIPL project will go down in the history of Lithuania’s energy independence, as the long-planned infrastructure will finally ensure the integration of the Baltic gas market into the European gas market, increase energy security and create new opportunities for Klaipėda LNG terminal and technical preconditions for green transformation.”

The GIPL pipeline is expected to become operational in the middle of 2022 and the specific date will be announced in agreement with the Polish gas transmission system operator when the construction of the entire interconnection infrastructure is close to start-up. 

The GIPL will connect the Baltic States and Finland via the Estonian-Finnish gas pipeline “Balticconnector” with the European Union gas network, increasing the number of accesses to alternative gas sources in the Baltic region and ensuring the security of gas supply and competition.

“By creating a gas pipeline connection between Lithuania and Europe, we aim to ensure the most important needs, security and availability of choice, of the consumers,” added Mr Biknius. “The situation in the gas market has been very volatile recently, making the development of alternative energy transmission routes and connections with Europe stronger and safer. The GIPL will allow the participants of the gas markets of all the connected countries to ensure the efficient use of the infrastructure and, if necessary, solidarity mechanism, helping each other to supply energy and trade of green gas.”

The total length of the international gas pipeline connection between Lithuania and Poland is 508 kilometres, of which 165 kilometres are laid in the territory of Lithuania and 343 kilometres in Poland. The pipeline connection will create the capacity of transporting up to 27 terawatt-hours (TWh) of natural gas per year to the Baltic States, up to 21 TWh per year to Poland and the Baltic gas markets will become part of the European Union’s common gas market. 

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