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Further steps for the realisation of the gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia have been made

Further steps towards the realisation of the Interconnection Bulgaria – Serbia have been recently made. At the end of September, the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Innovations and Competitiveness (OPIC) approved close to 5.5 million Lev (2.8 billion euros) meant for the completion of the preparatory activities up to the award of the building permit for the Bulgarian section of the Interconnection Bulgaria – Serbia.

Furthermore, representatives of the Member States adopted the proposal of the European Commission to invest almost 1 billion euros in the realisation of key energy infrastructure projects. About 28 million euros of these funds will be awarded for the construction of the Bulgarian section of the gas interconnection Bulgaria – Serbia. It is the only project from the gas sector for which financial aid has been earmarked.

The gas interconnection Bulgaria – Serbia will link the gas transmission systems of the two countries in the region of Dimitrovgrad. On the territory of Bulgaria the section runs on about 62 kilometres, launching near the town of Novi Iskar.

Bearing in mind its regional importance, the gas interconnection has been recognised to be one of the priority projects of the Central and South-Eastern Europe Gas Connectivity (CESEC initiative). The realisation of the project will contribute to the integration of the markets in the region, the price convergence and the diversification of the sources and routes of natural gas transport to Bulgaria and Serbia.

The project is also expected to bring additional economic benefits thanks to its synergy with the new Interconnection Bulgaria – Greece. Last but not least, the new interconnection with Serbia will be one of the many steps towards the successful realisation of the Balkan Gas Hub concept, aimed at establishing a liquid, transparent and competitive natural gas market in Bulgaria and the region.

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